Mary Almond



As a young child I went around saying, "See"
When I was older, I would say, "Look"
And when words failed to describe what I was seeing, I found art, and was finally able to share how I see the world.

Hi, my name is Mary Almond
The tools for expressing my artistic vision, the camera and the computer.
Sometimes I use photography, sometimes the art I create is purely digital, and sometimes its a combination of both art forms.

But no matter which art medium I'm using, you can expect to see images that are crisp, clear, and bold in color.

Feel free to browse the galleries, and journey through the world as I see it. Images can be purchased in a variety of mediums, you can even have prints custom framed and matted. You will also find greeting cards, canvas prints, metal prints, and phone cases.

Know that your shopping experience is in a secure environment, and every purchase includes a money-back guarantee.

Mary Almond, is a West Virginia artist, her medium of choice the camera, and the computer.

She is an award winning, internationally selling Fine Art Photographer & Digital Artist, whose art has been featured in publications, and magazines throughout the U.S.. Her art is also a welcomed addition to the walls of homes, and businesses throughout the world.

An outsider, self-taught artist she is proficient in several expressive styles....photography, abstract fractals, digital paintings, and CGI. She translates her artistic vision of the world at the pixel level, and expands it to crystal clear clarity.

Her unique, and distinctive vision can transport you to a serene mountain forest, take you on a journey to an alien planet, or delight you with the abstract patterns within a fractal.